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Title: How to join this forum
Post by: MattyB on March 05, 2015, 12:17:09 pm
To post in this forum you must be a current member of the ISA. For full instructions on how to join please visit the membership section of our website (

Update March 1st 2016 - All members who have not renewed for 2016 have had their forum access suspended; to regain access please renew your membership via the link above.

Please register using the email address you provided on your ISA membership form otherwise we will be unable to grant you access to the forum. Apologies, but we cannot make exceptions - we need this information to keep spammers off the forum and remove lapsed members in March of each year.

Once you have received your ISA membership card and number you are ready to join the forum. Follow the instructions below and your account should be active within 48 hours:
Once your request has been submitted the Admins will receive a notification asking them to verify your details and activate the account. They will usually do this within 48 hours; you will then receive an email letting you know your forum membership is active. That's it - just log in and start posting!  :)

Some useful links to get you started: